We enable companies and institutions to reduce CO2 emissions in order to achieve the global 1.5-degree climate targets. This includes calculation, planning, reduction and reporting.
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Achieving climate targets
With our proven and certifiable four-step plan, you can achieve your climate targets. From the calculation of actual emissions to the production plan and communication, we cover everything.
Overall corporate carbon footprint
(GHG balance sheet)
The calculation of emissions is the basis of all decarbonisation projects. We calculate your direct and indirect emissions (Scope 1, 2 & 3) according to the scientifically recognised methods of the GHG Protocol. From individual products to your entire company, we cover all emission balances.

Derive decarbinisation measures
Company or product-specific decarbonisation measures can be derived on the basis of the balance sheet. This can include measures relating to buildings, vehicle fleets, production or products. A distinction is made between costs, emission levers and implementation period. This approach allows you to make your decisions in a sustainable and cost-orientated manner.
Target year for carbon neutrality
A target year for climate neutrality can be derived from the sum of all realistically realisable measures. The total costs, the reduction in emissions and the offsetting costs are highlighted.

Communicate and report goals
We support you with the certification and communication of your successes. For example, in the preparation of climate data for ESG ratings or sustainability reports, in annual CDP reporting and the submission of SBTi targets, or in responding to customer enquiries (B2B) on climate protection.
Science Based Targets
Decarbonisation measures and targets are scientifically anchored based on the requirements of the Science Based Targets Initiative. We support you in deriving measures and registering a science-based target.
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Our goal is to enable companies and institutions to operate more sustainably and achieve climate goals.

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